Are you using Canva the right way?

From building and editing videos to creating smashing graphics, Canva truly is a disruptor.

You are using Canva wrong if you only depend on pre-made templates for creating designs. Sure, they are there to help you, guide you and often for inspiration but you must remember the same design is being used by thousands of people across the world. And people have seen similar designs, schemes for a long period of time.

If it were so easy, Photoshop would have come out with templates and themes long back. What essentially Canva does is, reduce the learning curve we have for complex software like Affinity suite or Photoshop. It also helps you get a library of images, icons, videos, music and much more under a single platform.

Canva has huge possibilities. Use it for graphics, video creation, video editing, creating PPTs and much more but learn and make designs from scratch as much as possible.

Here’s a small hack since you have read down all the way through. When you scroll through Social media, YouTube, articles and find interesting images or graphics click a screenshot of them and put them in a Folder (call it your own Swipe File, google Swipe files). Now whenever you are out of inspiration you can look at these to help you in creating creatives and you won’t have to depend 100% on Canva graphics alone.



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Aditi Chakraborty

A freelance Web designer. I help people start profitable side-hustles by offering key marketing skills — Social media management, web design, copywriting & more